Our Work


In the highest respect for the environment and in accordance with our terroir, we cultivate traditional mediterranean vines which are perfectly adapted to the originality of the soil and to the extreme character of the Catalan weather. This led us to our certification of High Value Environmental proving all our efforts and who allows to value all our manual work in the vineyard, as well as the reasoning of all the stages of production.

The vineyard is implanted for a long time and the micro climate specific, warm climate, allied to the black soil gave the name of "Crémat" to the domain, which means "burnt" in Catalan.



On arrival in the cellar grapes are sorted out and then put in vats plots by plots to run every terroir and every grape variety in his best potential. We pick up in optimum maturity so that in the cellar we can limit the interventions and keep one truth identity of every plot of land and preservea truth elegance in different wines.

Our efforts are widely rewarded by this earth which offers us deep and elegant wines recognized by France and today abroad to give all the user-friendliness required at a good table.